We manage and organize transport services, we take care of your logistical solutions, and we also provide warehouse space.

Organization of Transports

With our trucks and the trucks of our contractors, we cover routes throughout Europe. Your needs are taken care of by the transports of shipments of all kinds of goods within the entire European Union.

Based on our FTL experience, our company meets all the requirements for land transport in all the respective countries. This is achieved through the dense network of our own transportation services as well as outsourced serviced throughout Europe.

Taking into consideration your individual needs, we will prepare the most suitable solution for you.


We can also offer you warehousing of ordinary goods and goods requiring a controlled environment.

This service is available in Celje and Ljubljana.

  Safely and thoroughly stored

Collective Transport

Here, you will find all our top solutions. What does that mean? Daily dispatch, fixed travel times, and high standards. We provide deliveries of goods from Slovenia to all EU member states as well as collective transport from the EU to Slovenia.

We ensure a free selection of deliveries to certain destinations within 16 or 12 hours, providing a high-level of service according to plan. Features:

  Fixed delivery times of goods
   Daily dispatch 
       of shipments
  Delivery tracking
  Certificates on the
       delivery of goods